A Top Hat, A Rose, And A Night To Remember

Way back when, a long time ago, Henry started at a Montessori school where we lived in Macon. They had the most adorable class of 2 year olds ever. They became a very close-knit group. They all moved up together to Primary and stayed together for the next two years.

In that group, was a precious little girl, I’ll call her D. Around the time they were 4, I started hearing about D being Henry’s girlfriend. So did D’s mom. That’s cute enough, right?

Usually you hear about a girlfriend and then the next week it’s another one. Not the case here. Here we are 3 years later. We moved from Fort Valley to Atlanta. D’s mom and sisters moved from Macon to way north Atlanta. They see each other occasionally, including running into them at the Pumpkin Patch an hour from both of our homes.

Anyway, about a month ago, we were in Publix and the Valentine’s candy was out already. He told me, “Mom, I need to go ahead and get this box of candy for D so they don’t sell out.” We bought the candy and put it in the cabinet. When we were unloading the groceries, he asked me if he could take D out for dinner on Valentine’s. I said “sure,” and didn’t think anything else about it.

A week before Valentine’s day, he asked me again. I told him I would see and immediately emailed D’s mom to ask if we could come up and take her out for a quick dinner — you know, at Chick Fil A or something. She said yes, and Henry called to ask her.

IT. WAS. THE. MOST. ADORABLE. THING. EVER. (up until that point)