A Week of Mondays

This week was a week of Mondays. Some might say it was a week of Fridays, though.

I worked three days, like most of y’all did. Only I worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. How screwed up is that?

Well, it was screwed up enough I thought each day was a Monday. And now I have no idea what day it is.

With all the rain and flooding and storming we’re having here in Atlanta, it’s been dark and gloomy, making it even more discombobulating. And that’s saying a lot coming from somebody who is chipper and excited about days like that.

With a water main break at work and no water (read: no toilets) on Wednesday and Friday there, the days surely felt like the Mondayest of Mondays.

But now it’s Sunday. And it most certainly doesn’t feel like a Monday.

Did you have a week of Mondays?

(this was a true, honest to goodness, brain dump… wow, what terrible sentences)