Anxiety or Excitement?

It’s Saturday morning and I’m trying to get this scheduled so I can hang with my girls this afternoon. I decided on a free writing SOCSunday today because that’s how I’ve been feeling this week. You can tag along with my anxiety/excitement or write whatever is in your brain.

Your five minutes starts now!

stream of consciousness sunday

I’ve been a bundle of nerves the last few days. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint it to being anxious or being excited.

In a few hours, Karen and Amy will be at my house. Then Tina will be here. We’ll be trekking down to the World Congress Center to pick up our packets for tomorrow’s (today’s) 15k.

I’ve never run that far.

I’m anxious. And excited.

I’m both things at the same time. About the race and about the sleepover that we’re having.

Karen and I have been joking around for months that we need to have a sleepover and well, now we are! It sounds silly, but I think it’s going to be so fun.

No, there aren’t going to be pillow fights and there won’t be lots of wine (see above where we’re running NINE POINT THREE FREAKING MILES), but I’m sure there will be lots of gossiping and laughing and eating and heck, maybe even crying. Who knows!

But all I know is that I’m anxious. And excited.

Maybe it’s a build up to running all that excess energy out tomorrow. Maybe I need to up my Zoloft. Maybe I shouldn’t have had 3 cups of coffee this morning.

Maybe they just need to hurry up and get here!

ps: by the time you read this, I’ll be either getting ready to run or finished or dead.

pps: hopefully not dead.

ppps: I’ll check in to tell you I’m not dead.