Confession and Apology Time

I have a confession to make.

I enjoy running.

There, I said it. Are you happy?

Yeah, yeah, you told me so. 

On June 11, I woke up and something made me sign up for Couch to 5k. I hadn’t been thinking about it or anything. Hell, I’d just a few days earlier said out loud to Jason, “look at those crazy people running in this heat” as they ran down Peachtree. We were headed for a breakfast that probably had 11 million calories. Whatever.

So yeah. I signed up. And figured I would surely die.

But look at me… I haven’t died.

I’ve lost 9 pounds.

I’ve gone from barely being able to run ONE SINGLE MINUTE without crying — TO BEING ABLE TO RUN FOR 25 WHOLE MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING!

I know. I may cry.

And y’all? I did all that training in the heat of the summer. I was obviously crazy to sign up at the beginning of the summer, but the way I see it, if I have been this successful during this heat and humidity, when the weather really cools off, it’ll be that much better.

My first 5k isn’t for a few more weeks. But I’m honestly looking forward to it. With EXCITEMENT!

So there’s my confession. I like running.

The apology?

Well, I feel like I need to make a formal apology to anyone (whether they knew I said it or not) I directed any of these comments towards:

  • I couldn’t run 3 miles if my ass was on fire.
  • Why would you want to even TRY to run a marathon?
  • If somebody was chasing me with a machine gun, I couldn’t run a 10 minute mile.
  • The only thing I’d run 13.1 miles for is a Krispy Kreme franchise.
  • I hope your run is fun… I’ll eat a donut for you.
  • They’re CRAZY for running in this heat/rain/snow/dark/fillintheblank.

So yes, I’m sorry. You’re not crazy. I could run if my ass was on fire or I was being chased by someone with a machine gun.

And you can, too!