From Our Family to Yours!

We haven’t sent real-live, arrive in your mailbox cards in 9 years. We didn’t send them the year Charlie died and just never picked up the tradition again. Some things still remain pushed to the side.

We love getting cards from everybody and seeing their kids and families grow.

This year I decided we should send y’all a card. But you’ll have to see it here on my bloggity blog!

I just want to say that this year has brought lots of exciting things — changes, improvements and all that jazz. On the other hand, I know for some it’s brought divorce, separation, the loss of a child or close a family member or friend.

May this holiday, whether you’re celebrating joyfully or celebrating while finding your new normal, bring you peace and love and joy. And with the close of the year, my family wishes yours a very prosperous 2022.