Henry Takes The Wheel

Today is Mother’s Day. Obviously.

Henry has been asking for a blog for a while now, and he will be getting one in a few weeks. But today I invited him to be a guest writer here on my site. I wrote this intro and passed it on to him and Jason to handle. I figured since it wasn’t my favorite day in the world, I could at least make it funny and look at it from a different angle.

Here’s Henry to take the wheel.


My mom is nice, funny,and fun.one time me and mom went to NYC and went to the zoo then went to the LEGO HEADQUARTERS.

I love my mom beacause she’s good at cooking food.Great at tennis and reading.Fishing too.My mother is happy when I cook for her and draw her pictures.My mom is good at making cookies and brownies.Also having fun with me and my dog.My mom wants a new car me not to be annoying and a new dress.