Home Isn’t Where I Live

Right now, home for us is in a suburb of Atlanta. It has great schools, wonderful people, and even calls the city center a village. What isn’t to love about it?

But home has changed over the years. It’s truly become more of a “where we live” type thing.

We’ve lived in Alpharetta, Macon, Fort Valley and then Dunwoody. Fort Valley is “home” and when we built there, the plan was for us to live there until Kerry Rooks (the funeral director) took us out feet first. But we all know the best laid plans often crumble!

Since our move back to Atlanta, I’ve really come to accept that home is not a place. It’s a feeling. I live in a house. We rent it because after sitting on a house in FV and living in Atlanta for a year-plus, it’s the easiest thing. But it’s not home. Maybe it could be, but probably not.

Home has to live inside you.

I love where we live. Henry walks across the street to school. There’s a Publix 1/4 mile away. Everything we need is in about a 3 mile radius of our house. But are we going to be here forever? Probably not. Maybe, but most likely we won’t.

I live in Dunwoody. But home is in my heart.