I’m ALWAYS going to ask questions

I don’t want to lead you to anything specific on the prompt today because I’m curious what you come up with when I give you the word.

When I started my job last August, I was kinda thrown in without a lot of direction. I knew what to do. I’d done the job before. But the timing was funky and there was other stuff going on that didn’t lend much time to training me properly.

It hasn’t slowed me down.

Mostly because I made it clear from the beginning that I was going to ask questions. I’m ALWAYS going to ask questions.

They were going to get sick of me asking some things over and over again. Sure, I could try to figure it out by myself, but why would I when I could ask and learn from those around me?

I think I’m fortunate that Henry went right over the asking “why, why, why” phase of toddlerhood, but we’re full on in the 8 year old curiosity phase now. He’s so curious and asks questions all the time.

I recently asked for help from my parents. I asked them to come to town while Jason traveled some. I’m blessed to have been able to do this and it made my life much easier and helped me stay centered and sane.

Over the years, I’ve asked for prayers, for donations, for help, for answers, for peace, for understanding, and for a Mercedes convertible*.

Some of that was answered, some I’m still waiting for*.

What do you ask for? What do you NEED to ask for?