Is This What A Mid-Life Crisis Looks Like?

That’s obviously what this is… what this crazy life is that I seem to be leading right now looks like.

It HAS to be a mid-life crisis.

There’s really no explanation for the fact that I’m doing crazy things that I SWORE I would never do.

Like planning to run a half marathon in February. Obviously I’ve lost my mind.

Like thinking I’m going to be writing a book over the course of the month of November.

How about going back to work?

Or winning/buying a pair of (really uppity) cowboy boots that I’m going to go to my grave pretending that Ree chose me (and Lindsay and Stephanie) because we were the most awesome people on Earth…

See also, again: Lost my mind.

But aren’t they FABULOUS? (get ready because I’m giving some boots away soooooon.)

I’m assuming, and this is PURE ASSUMPTION, that along with a mid-life crisis comes brain farts, the inability to string words into sentences, night sweats, moodiness, and the desire to eat chocolate and buy a new car.

So is this what it looks like, this thing called a mid-life crisis?

Because if so, I’m totally gonna use that excuse to eat chocolate and buy a new car.

Anybody else feeling like this at 36? I know I’m not alone.