It’s Guaranteed That…

… you’ll think of an amazing kick ass topic to write about at 3am (since you exchanged one for people filling out your survey), promise yourself you’ll remember it, and then – don’t

…. as soon as you vacuum or mop the floor, the cat will puke and the kid will decide to crumble goldfish all over the floor. You won’t find said puke until it’s dried but the dog will clean up the goldfish for you.

… once your kid decides he loves a certain item of food, you buy it to make and he decides he HATES it.

… the minute you get on the phone, the dog will have to go out or the kid will have to tell you something EARTHSHATTERINGLY important like that Phineas and Ferb don’t know what they’re gonna do today!

… as soon as you get home from the grocery store, you’ll go to grab a cup of milk and there won’t be any. And you stood in front of the milk display and thought to yourself, ” Oh, yes, I have plenty of milk at home.”

… no matter who performs at the Super Bowl halftime, half the world will love it and the other half will think it was the most horrible thing ever! Same with the commercials.

… if you refill your prescriptions a few days before your doctor’s appointment, your prescription will get changed.

… you’ll listen to a long dramatic story about something that happened at school only to realize when you say, “You can tell Daddy all that when he gets home” that it was all made up.

… some people will never cease to amaze you. And they’ll never change, either.

… true friends will meet you at a BBQ joint even when they don’t eat meat!

… as soon as you say you’ve avoided the sickies that are going around, you’ll end up with those same sickies. TIMES TWELVE! No, I’m not saying we’ve avoided them. I’m also knocking on wood and drinking some antioxidants and immune boosters.

… a morning will start off with grumpiness at attitude from a certain little one. Requests won’t be filled by him. Voices will be raised. Tears may be shed. But when he gets out of the car, he kisses you, tells YOU to have a great day, closes the door, takes 5 steps, turns around and smiles and waves. And THAT guarantees a good day.