I’ve been dreaming about writing lately.

Hey y’all! Whew. Made it through the first week of school for the kid and the first week of full time work for me. It’s gone well. Very well actually. I think I’m gonna like it a lot!

It’s taking me a little longer to make it through all the posts but I’m getting there! So glad y’all are joining in. Hope you’ll continue (and tell your friends).

I’ve been dreaming about writing lately. So that brings up a prompt about (shocking) dreams! What do you dream about? Do you have a life dream? Do you have recurring dreams during sleep?

Dreams are confusing to me. I just don’t understand where they come from. Especially recurring dreams.

How does my mind know that because I’m stressed I need to dream about the same thing over and over again? HOW DOES IT KNOW????

When I’m stressed, I have the same dream (and I’m sure lots of you do, too) about walking around naked in a parking deck. All the cars are the same. They all have Georgia tags and no identifying stickers. They’re all blue. Floors and floors of blue cars that all look just like mine. The floors aren’t numbered and there are no row numbers.

I’m naked. People are looking at me. They’re staring. I’m crying and confused and lost. I’m just LOST.

I know what the dream means. It means I’m searching. I’m stressed and searching for whatever that “thing” is. In my dream, it’s my car. In real life, it’s whatever’s next. It’s whatever’s lost inside of me. It’s whatever I need to find that will fix whatever’s wrong.

I have other dreams that are recurring. They’re all equally as disturbing but I know they’re not unusual. I’m not scared of them. At this point, they’re a marker that helps me know when it’s time to move forward, searching for that car in the sea of cars that are all the same.