I’ve never been real competitive.

I’ve never thought of myself as competitive. I am who I am and try not to compare myself to others.

In the blogging world, I’ve always been confident in my stats (or lack thereof) and not worried about who was better than me.

But now that I’ve started running, and actually running RACES, with winners and stuff, I feel myself comparing my time and distance to others.

I have friends who can run 7 minute miles. I have friends who can run a half marathon without dying. I have friends who can (gasp) jog and talk AT THE SAME TIME!

I’m slow. I walk. I have to be quiet.

I’m not a “runner” in the sense that it’s natural to me.

Yet I compare myself to those who ARE natural runners.

I have to stop comparing myself to others and compete against ME. To do better than MY last time. To run farther than MY last distance. To complete a half marathon without ME dying.

I have to be better than ME.