Off The Wagon

I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’m sure by this time in the year, most people have fallen off the proverbial wagon that they jumped on for New Year’s. Maybe it’s been longer, or not very long at all.

I ran a half marathon in February and I haven’t run anything really substantial since.

I’m Jana and I fell off the running wagon.

But I’m going to jump back on it because I’ve realized what I’ve always figured would never happen: I miss running.

I miss the thrill of the finish, even if it’s not a race. I miss the way my legs burn when I get in my car from a training run.

I miss the way my stomach tightens up even though I can eat a whole pizza right after running 6 miles.

Maybe it was the post-half letdown that people told me about AFTER the fact, or possibly it’s a touch of the funk knowing what time of year it is.

Whatever the case, I slipped off the wagon and I have to jump back on. November 9 will come fast for my second half marathon and I want to be ready!

What wagon have YOU fallen off of?