Oh, Fall… How I Love Thee

Let me count the ways and the reasons I love you so much!

  1. Cooler weather
  2. Cuter clothes
  3. Clothes that cover most all parts of the body (for me AND for other people who shouldn’t be showing so much skin)
  4. The Fair – and by that I mean the ONLY Fair – The Georgia National Fair
  5. Pumpkins
  6. Beautiful colors – browns, oranges, deep purples, dark yellows – yum!
  7. Toffee Mochas at Starbucks
  8. Pulling out the Crock Pot and the Crock Pot recipes
  9. The buildup to Halloween
  10. The even bigger buildup to Henry’s birthday
  11. The crispness of the air and the faint smell of leaves burning in the distance…even in Atlanta!
  12. The cotton – though we don’t have too much of THAT around here. I miss it being in my backyard.
  13. Football and tailgating
  14. Festivals and corn mazes
  15. Homecoming parades
  16. Cooler weather – did I mention that already? I really love that part!
  17. New TV shows
  18. Jackets and hoodies
  19. Blue jeans
  20. Low humidity
  21. Good hair days
  22. Pumpkin beer
  23. The emergence of pomegranates in the grocery store
  24. The park on a breezy day when the leaves are orange and falling on your head while you’re swinging
  25. Most of all I love that fall is the gateway season to WINTER! My favorite of all!