Retro Boys and a Little Free Bird

Yes, there is an apostrophe in Malibu’s. There’s a reason but I don’t know it. My grandmother was an English teacher so I’m surprised she let it fly.

My daddy is second from the left. He was 17 then. He bought that Fender Stratocaster and still to this day has the original box AND receipt AND still plays it like it was brand new.

His nickname is Rock. Everybody calls him that. Why? Well, because he plays rock and roll AND because he’s a jeweler and sells “rocks.”

Three of those guys still play music on a regular basis.

One lost his life in an air show in 2003.

This was shortly before they were offered a national recording contract. And before they turned it down to get married and have babies. Can you imagine if they had signed? Yeah, they can’t either.

My sister made my daddy learn Free Bird for her wedding. Not because she liked the song, but because he said he always wanted to learn it. He studied, took lessons, had somebody help him and BOOM. Busted out with Free Bird at her reception. At the end of the night, they played it one more time. It was amazing!

But that was then. This is now.