SOC Sunday: Handing Over the Keys

The five minute timer is set… uncut and unedited writing to commence.

Friday we handed over the keys. Jason and I drove to Warner Robins to sit in an attorney’s office and sign our house over to its new owners. This was the first time we had met them. Sue and Ray. What a lovely couple!

The closing was light and funny and OMG quick. Checks were passed around, signatures were scribbled, jokes were made, and we were done. The keys were passed.

We finished before Sue and Ray did. We headed to the bank (woohoo!!) and then met them at the house. Good thing they got there first because, well, we had no keys. We had offered to walk through the house and tell them about all the special little features that they may have been unaware of.

We showed them everything, chatted, learned more about them. They have been stationed in Utah for 18 years with the Air Force. He’s retired. Their two children are both military families and have served our country for years themselves. I got to thank them for doing what they do. He has a contractor job at the base and this will be “home” to them in their retirement. It’s in between their kids and will be convenient for all of them.

We got to meet one of their children and their family. We got to meet his (or her) brother. I can’t remember. A lovely family through and through. But the best part is that the house is no longer an Auburn-Georgia house, it’s an Auburn-Alabama house!!!!

As we left, keyless, we got hugs from all of them, like we were their family now. Sue looked at me and said, “We’ll take good care of your house and love it like you do.” And that is all I want. I want somebody to love it and take care of it. And I know they will.