Tell Me Something Good

It’s been a tough week for lots of people, well, for the whole country really. Between the Boston Marathon bombing, news of Ricin letters, explosions that killed many in West, TX, manhunts, and (what will seem like a “small” deal to most) the final rolling of Toomer’s Corner in Auburn, hearts are heavy.

I’m reminded that yes, we all carry our own hurts and hardships. They may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but at our core, they weigh on us. When world problems, sick acquaintances, stressful days at work, and more are added, sometimes the world seems to weigh eleven billion pounds — with it all sitting on our shoulders.

But today, I want to read something good. What is something (or multiple things) you’re happy about, looking forward to, proud of that you did… or in the words of Rufus and Chaka Khan, “Tell me something good.”

I downloaded a new app called Happier. You should get it and add me on there.

Anyway, it prompts you to post something happy three times a day. It’s a great way to focus on some good points in your daily life. Because, well, there are lots.

There have been really good things going on this week, in spite of the news reports. There’s excitement with Jason’s job. I’m enjoying my customers and the spring season.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting next weekend when I will go to Auburn to run a race with my roommate and sorority sister from college. It’s going to be great to start at Toomer’s Corner and end in the stadium.

Henry, in spite of his up and down moods like a 13 year old girl, is one of the most loving kids I know. There’s nothing better than his tall frame snuggling up with me on the sofa after work.

Look for the good. It’s there. It’s ALWAYS there. And good always wins.