Testing, 1-2-3

That’s how many hotels we’ve tested this week. Three. Within miles of our house.

Georgia heat wave + broken air conditioner = impromptu tour of hotels of Atlanta

I don’t really have a lot to say about it other than I’m frustrated and this really blew our emergency fund and fun fund and every other fund. This wasn’t in the budget at all.

That, and I’m super proud of how well-behaved Henry has been through this. It’s been hot, boring and we’ve had to be quiet in the hotel rooms. We’ve had to eat out at night and haven’t had snacks at the ready. This isn’t kid-friendly, I have stuff to do at home, laundry needs to be done… I could go on and on.


If all goes as planned, tomorrow afternoon we’ll have air conditioning.

If all does not go as planned, this blog space will spontaneously combust, along with my head!

Let’s hope it goes as planned.