The Grumpies

I was thinking the other day that I would do a non-prompt free writing day every 6 weeks or so. Are y’all down with that? What are your thoughts?

I know you have something you want to get off your chest… so GO!

I miss Henry’s old school’s year round calendar. It was beautiful and there were no “grumpies” when school started back.

If you’re not familiar, year round calendars aren’t actually year round (mostly). His school started in early July, went for 9 weeks and had a 3 week break. Went 9 weeks, had a 3 week break. Went 9 weeks, had a 3 week break. Then went 9 weeks and had a 6 week summer.

It was perfect. There wasn’t enough time for the teachers to get fully burned out before a break. The kids were never burned out. They didn’t have a full summer to get lazy and bored and OMG NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL BECAUSE THEY MIGHT HAVE TO USE THEIR BRAIN. Retention rates are fabulous and the best part…


The first 2 weeks (or 3) are crap around here now. Henry is so tired, doesn’t want to do his homework and just wants to complain and be kinda a pain in the butt. And I mean that in the most loving way.

Are your kids grumpy at the beginning of school?