The Key To Grace

The other day, I stopped at the mailbox to grab the mail. That’s a task I dread most days. It’s never anything fun. Bills, sale flyers, notices that are for people who may or may not have lived here previously (there are like 12 different names on mail that comes here — strange).

There was an envelope in there with an unfamiliar handwriting. It was “bulky.”

I opened it and was left breathless.

This is a Giving Key.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Giving Keys, take a minute and head to their site. It’s an amazing story of how a musician simply made a few keys with words of encouragement on them and turned it into a movement that employs people who are down on their luck, on the streets, or in transition. Each key is stamped with love and carries with it, love, hope, and possibility.

My friend Dawn sent me this key with a note that made me cry the ugly cry. I wish I could share it here, but really, I want to keep it between my heart and Dawn’s.

My word for the year is Grace.

This key is being worn around my neck, close to my heart, to remind me to Be Grace, to Share Grace, and to Learn Grace.

And when I’ve gotten all the Grace and Love out of this Giving Key, I will pass it to someone who needs to feel it close to their heart.