There are some things I’m really just sick and tired of.

And since I know you’re DYING to know what they are, I’m sharing them with you!

  • Taking a shower. Why do we think we have to take a shower every day (or every other day)? Am I really THAT dirty? Showers are exhausting. And that’s just taking a “bathe my body, wash my face, wash my hair” shower. That doesn’t even include shaving. Or drying my hair? Or flat ironing it or putting on makeup and getting dressed.
  • Cooking. Good Lord. Why do we have to eat SO often? Eating leads to dishes. Dishes lead to loading the washer. Loading the washer leads to unloading the washer. Unloading the washer leads to OMGCOOKINGAGAIN! Why can’t we just eat one meal a day and be done with it?
  • Extremism. Why does everything have to be So. Freaking. Extreme? Whether it’s mommy wars or some random crime that hits the news that brings extreme headlines or religion or politics or breast/bottle feeding or delivery methods or whatever… everything is so extreme these days. And people being extreme and cutting off REAL friendships over these things? What is that about? It’s exhausting to watch. I like to think I’m not extreme in any area (except when it comes to testing and treating for GBS) but watching it unfold online and in real life all day every day… I’m tired of it.
  • Constant reminders. My kid doesn’t listen. Sure, he’s funny and charming and witty and adorable. But he doesn’t listen worth a shit. Just this morning he was standing 3 feet from me and I asked him to take something to the trash can. He didn’t even look at me and walked out the door. What the hell? How many times a day must I say, “put that in the trash can” or “don’t leave that there” or “flush the damn toilet” or “why do you act like an untrained monkey?” I’m tired of repeating everything over and over.
  • Reality Shows. Do we need a show that features people who make crazy aquariums out of random stuff? Why do we need thirty about who the next chef is? If we didn’t have to cook so damn much, we wouldn’t need a next chef. (see above) There are a few that are interesting, but really, how many do we need? American Idol comes on 14 times a week. So does the Bachelor/Bachelorette show thing. I’m tired of them. I don’t know why, but I am. I haven’t watched a “reality” type show since the first season of Survivor. But they annoy me to bits because there are just so many of them. Ridiculous? yes.
  • Pinterest. Yup. I said it. I’m tired of Pinterest. I’m tired of looking on there and seeing things that are amazing and feeling completely inadequate because I can’t do them, can’t afford them, won’t eat them, won’t cook them… whatever. In my head I assume that everybody’s homes and wardrobes look like what they pin. They’re crafting daily with their children while whipping up gourmet meals that have ingredients imported from Chile. They’re refinishing furniture in their sparkly Louboutins and then working out for 6 hours a day. I know it’s not true, but it makes me develop a huge inferiority complex. I’m tired of it. So I never go there unless it’s for work.

What a pointless post.