What color defines you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about words and colors and singular things that define me. It all started when we decided to jump on the “one word” for 2013 bandwagon. You can see our words here.

But then I was wondering what my color would be… turns out it’s easier than I thought.

So that brought me today’s (totally and completely optional) prompt.
What color defines you?
Your five minutes starts now…

Periwinkle blue. Baby blue. Purpleish blue. Blueish purple.

Charlie blue.

That’s what we call the color. It’s the color that reminds us of Charlie.

But it’s also the color that I identify with as my soul’s color. I feel like it exudes calm and peacefulness.

It’s a spring color which reminds me of rebirth and newness. But it’s also versatile enough to go with fall colors like browns and dark greens. It’s a color that lends a special little “pop” to whatever it’s with.

I feel like that is how I am. I’m a versatile girl who tends to lend a little spark to just about any situation. I can find the funny in the not-funny, the good behind the bad, and the extradordinary in the everyday situations.

How about you? What’s your color?