Where I’m From

I am from jewelry, from peach orchards and droves of Blue Bird buses.

I am from the South… the hot and humid South.

I am from the red clay and the cotton fields of Small Town Georgia.

I am from Christmas Eve at Grannie’s, from Dennis and Peggy, Mary and Neal, Mollie and Elmer.

I am from Hinky Binky stories and epic Gingerbread Men escapes.

I am from Christianity and private school.

I am from listening to Auburn football on the radio.

I am from airplanes and orange Opel GTs.

I’m from British ancestry, from the relatives of Princess Diana and Pocahontas. (So I’ve been told)

I am from fish sticks and mac & cheese, olive sandwiches and roughin’ it.

I am from love, respect, hard work and Rock & Roll.

I am proud of where I’m from!