Wouldn’t It Be Awesome?

I go through my days wondering, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if… {fill in the blank}?”

I’ve had this swirling around in my brain all week. It’s not something I could dedicate a whole long post to, so I figured it would be great for Stream of Consciousness Sunday!

So many of you loved the free writing last week, I want to urge you to do that EVERY week if you want. Some people like a prompt, but anybody can join in without using the prompt. That’s why it’s optional!

Also, Erin posted a 90 second vlog last week and that was great! If you just wanna brain dump on video, GO FOR IT!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if…

… the RNC and DNC went to their conventions with somebody thinking they were the Presidential nominee and then when it came down to it, they nominated somebody completely different?

… gas prices were .92 like they were when I was in high school?

… that contraption that The Jetsons had that did everything for them really existed? Or there was at least a Rosie the robot maid available?

… kids actually did what you asked them to do?

… we didn’t have to shower but about once a week? ( I know we don’t HAVE to, but really, who wants to stink?)

… college football lasted for 9 months?

… homework didn’t exist?

… all beer was 0 calories?

… people loved one another just for who they are without judging?

… I could exist on less than 9 hours of sleep a night? (but I can’t)