Do Over

Last year I failed as a mom. At least in my eyes I did.

I started working the same day Henry went back to school. I was behind from day 1.

My brain tells me I failed him.

I was always a step behind, forgetting things I shouldn’t, missing spirit days, failing to make sure he did xy&z.

I never could get ahead.

This year is going to be different.

I spent all day yesterday getting ready for school to start. The house is clean. A million loads of laundry are done. New school clothes are bought. A family calendar is hanging up with color coded dry erase markers.

A homework station is set up and my calendar is filled out completely.

This year is going to be different.

We’re not going to be stressed because we didn’t know about a certain special day. We won’t let him fall behind in math, and will stay on top of falling grades.

Our new chore/responsibility/reward chart will be enforced.

My brain is ready, along with the house. Now to get through the last week of summer and hit the start of 3rd grade with gusto!

Getting a chance to have a “do over” at the beginning of each school year is a blessing.